Criminal Record Check Policy

Halifax Public Libraries is committed to providing a safe place for children and other vulnerable persons within our libraries. Accordingly, any new hire or volunteer will be required to have a criminal record check before being offered a position at Halifax Public Libraries.

Criminal record checks will only be used for the purpose of screening applicants. Candidates will be asked for a check only where they have been selected as the leading candidate. If their criminal record suggests that they may be a threat to persons or property at Halifax Public Libraries, they will be excluded from consideration. A criminal record will not be considered as one of the factors in selecting a candidate.

As such checks are for the benefit of Halifax Public Libraries, Halifax Public Libraries will pay the costs.

Criminal record checks will be kept in employee's files only for the purpose of screening for future positions. A criminal conviction may not be relevant for the initial hire, but may be relevant to a future competition for a different position.

Criminal record checks will be accessible on a need-to-know basis only. Only the Human Resources staff will have general access to the record checks. If there is a conviction on record, the Human Resources Manager will consult with the appropriate Director to determine whether a conviction is relevant to a particular position. A check on personnel files for criminal convictions will be part of the screening process for all competitions.

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