Boma the Artist: “I Am Hip Hop” Exhibit

Happy 50th anniversary, Hip Hop! 

To celebrate, take a walk through "I Am Hip Hop" by Boma the Artist, in person at Halifax Central Library (August 8-11, 2023), or right here online.

You'll enjoy numerous art pieces showcasing the great artists of Hip Hop and see why this art exhibit is considered a part of the foundation of the celebration. 

Additionally, celebrate with free events at Halifax Public Libraries, August 8-11, 2023, including workshops and performances. Check out What's On

Virtual Exhibit


The title of our exhibition is “I am Hip Hop.” We chose the title to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Hip Hop through visual art. The images we have chosen include faces of musicians who have contributed to the culture's overwhelming popularity over the decades as well as everyday people.

The paintings are created in graffiti visual style which is regarded as the visual element of the art form of Hip Hop. The paintings that were selected for the exhibition include works made in acrylic on canvas, acrylic on board and digital paintings printed on paper. With brilliant and expressive colours, the paintings are intended to capture the vibrant nature of the culture while expressing the mood of celebration.

Throughout this exhibition, we hope to evoke anew the love for the culture within the audience and a spark of curiosity for those who are unaware of the art form. We want viewers to leave with a sense of excitement and pride in knowing that they are part of a global culture and that each of them can say boldly: ‘I AM HIP HOP.’

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About Boma the Artist

A strong interest in people- the human spirit and its relationship with its environment are the driving force behind Boma’s art. Utilizing expressive colours, he examines daily subjects in a contemporary style, drawing strong influence from his fascination with graffiti art, which grew during the '90s golden age of hip-hop, as art became a visual complement to the music of the day.

Boma is an acclaimed visual artist with exhibitions in Canada and abroad. He has also been featured in numerous publications which include Chatelaine magazine, CBC News & Global News.

He lives and works in Halifax.

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