From Serbia to Canada: A Donor’s Love Story

How can you celebrate the memory of a loved one who enjoyed reading, felt at home in libraries, and dedicated their life to science? Borko Basaric found a thoughtful and meaningful way to do just that with a gift to Halifax Public Libraries.

Borko, and his wife, Dada, moved from Serbia to Halifax to work in the medical research field. When they first moved to Nova Scotia, Dada found great comfort visiting Halifax Central Library, and felt at home, even when her Serbian home felt so far away.

Sadly, Dada passed away, and Borko wanted to honour her love of reading, contemporary literature, science, and her connection to Halifax. In 2021, he donated a collection of Serbian language books to Halifax Public Libraries. Borko’s collection includes classic literature, popular contemporary fiction titles, and relevant scientific non-fiction titles.

The collection is uniquely special because Borko made the same donation to a library in Dada’s Serbian hometown—creating a connection between Nova Scotia and Serbia—bridging a 6,000 kilometre gap through reading, language, and books.

This gift significantly increases Halifax Public Libraries’ Serbian language collection, and will benefit readers for years to come.

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This story was originally published as part of the Library's 2021-22 Annual Report to our community. Read and explore the full report here.