Meet the Creator of MichNat Fashion House, Funmi Odeniyi

Written by guest blogger, Funmiyalo (Funmi) Odeniyi

Glowing in your culture

These recent times, people can’t find the opportunity to Glow, all they want to do is just get through the day. Uncertain times—you bet it has been!!

These unprecedented times have brought changes to everyone’s lives, and most people have found it very unpleasant that they can’t glow and show the beauty of their culture. African Heritage Month, opens a new window therefore reminds African Nova Scotians of their strength, resilience, history and that they are overcomers.

Learn with Funmi

**At the time of publishing in March 2022, Funmi has a series of teen programs coming up at Woodlawn Public Library in May in honour of African Heritage Month, called Ready to Stitch with Funmi. Explore and register here! 

As a fashion entrepreneur whose mission is to make individuals look their best with our vibrant, colourful, and unique stylish designs to tell our story, we hope to continue supporting and showing diversity in the fashion industry.

Who am I?

I do my best to remind people that they can glow and be their best self every day. I use my fashion to reach this goal.

My fashion tells a story about the past and present, but it always points to a story that uplifts and reminds people that they can glow even through trying times.

I started MichNat Fashion House in 2020 with a goal to increase diversity in the fashion industry while bringing a taste of Africa to Canada. Before migrating to Nova Scotia, I had always had a passion for fashion, and it didn’t take much to leave my full-time job to pursue my fashion.

This move has given me the opportunity to develop my creative style and allow people to customize their outfits.

As an immigrant from Nigeria, I always draw inspiration from the culture, and I have expanded my knowledge into other parts of Africa to provide people with different stories.

The glow may flicker, but it doesn't go away

Well, there have been cases during this journey that the landscape of entrepreneurship has tried to steal my glow. There are times when it became difficult to meet my target or get a deal I was really hoping for. There have been times that nothing seems to work, and it made me question going full-time to give it my best.

But, I always remind myself of why I started this business. Seeing people glow in their culture, was good enough to keep me going.

Yes, I had to glow too, to tell them they can still glow.

With the support of my family and friends, I have been able to break so many boundaries, received awards, closed some deals now, and hopefully in the future. With this help I continue to develop my creative side. I continue to glow.

Through our own eyes?

I have a simple challenge for you. What makes you deeply happy? Not something that makes you happy for a moment, but something that really brings joy to your heart. If you know the answer, pursue it. If you don’t know the answer, search for it.

This month and the days beyond, dedicated to celebrating the achievements of Blacks in our communities, use it as an opportunity to read and learn about history figures who have persevered and continued to reach their goal. Yes, they glowed and continue to glow. We can all learn something from these great figures.

Their stories should inspire you to become a better you. Their stories should inspire you to get out of that covering and glow, because you deserve it.


About Funmi (f-oo-m-ee) Odeniyi

Funmi is the Creative Director of MichNat Fashion House, opens a new window based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The desire to fully pursue her passion in fashion was largely influenced by the need to fulfil her dreams and purpose in life and fill the existing gap for the demand for African designs mixed with western flair within the city/province.

MichNat Fashion House design brings out the best in people. The brand is trendy, versatile, and vibrant with a touch of Africa, and it is suitable for all special occasions.

Yes: Her brand focuses on customization and tailoring to make you feel unique and confident.

African Heritage Month Events
**At the time of publishing in March 2022, Funmi has a series of programs coming up at the Library in April in honour of African Heritage Month, called Ready to Stitch with Funmi. Explore and register here!