Preschool Grab Bags: Find a Surprise Inside

Do you remember those surprise bags you used to buy at the corner store? There was always a delightful mix of candy and little toys…and you never quite knew what you were going to get until you opened the bag?

If you’re missing those simpler days of old, we have good news for you and your little ones. The Library has its own spin on surprise bags. Our “surprise bags” are full of preschool books and colouring pages!

Your surprise awaits inside

Our Preschool Grab Bags contain 10 books carefully selected by Library staff for children’s reading enjoyment (and for your enjoyment too!).

All bags are organized by theme—from ABCs to bedtime, food to pets, culture to folktales, and everything in between.

These bags are great for busy families who only have a minute to pop into the Library, or just for those days when life interrupts your planned afternoon at the Library and you end up making an early exit.

Grab a Preschool Grab Bag

Preschool Grab Bags are non-requestable. You will need to stop by your nearest Library to see if it is your lucky day!

If you do find one of our Preschool Grab Bags on the shelf, be sure to grab it while you can. Children will find delight looking through the bags at home, discovering the treasure trove of books and colouring sheets hidden within. 

How do you check out a Preschool Grab Bag?

  • You can check out the full bags at a Borrower Services Desk or self-check machine.
  • If using the self-check machine, you do not have to empty the contents of the bag— just put the full bag under the scanner and make sure that 11 items show up on your receipt (10 books and 1 handy red bag).

Now you are all set to head home and explore the books. Enjoy a little nostalgia, on us.