Staff Picks: Audiobooks

If you’re an audiobook lover, this is your year. Audiobook sales are surging. (Publishers Weekly)

Audiobooks: the basics

They can be downloaded to your device without leaving your house; you can listen while you walk, work or whittle (whatever you’re into); and they are entertaining.

There is more to an audiobook than just the text on the page. There’s the narrator to consider; many listeners have preferences and there are even awards for best narration. Some books, like Malcolm Gladwell’s Talking to Strangers, are produced like a podcast, with other voices adding a layer of authenticity to the text. Some include a sound bed—background noises like a floor creaking, a dog barking, or music.

Whatever your preferences, you can find something that speaks to you. Get the Libby, opens a new window app, look for the little headphone icon, download, and listen.

So get out there, audiobooks. Show us (tell us) what you've got!

Some of our staff's favourites

Here is a selection of our staff favourites to get you started. Share your favourites in the comments below.

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