Staff Picks: Cozy Winter Reads

It's that time of year again. Snow is falling, there is a chill in the air, and you're looking for some Cozy Winter Reads. Well, we've got you covered!

Our staff at the Library have seen many a winter here in the Halifax Regional Municipality. They know the best hidden gems for the season, tucked away in the coziest corners of our shelves (and E-Library). So, settle in with your comfiest blanket and a cup of your favourite hot drink as you explore their recommendations. If you know a book that would be a great addition to this list, leave a comment below!

Note: We've listed the titles below in book format, but many are also available as digital (e-book or audiobook) formats via our OverDrive collection.

 Kassondra’s Picks

Staff member, Programming and Community Engagement

Legends & Lattes, opens a new window

Cozy Fantasy is my new favourite niche. The main character, Viv, is a retired adventurer who opens a coffee shop. Low stakes with a great plot. This book feels like a warm hug on a cold night.

Elizabeth’s Picks

Staff member, Collections Department

The Burnout, opens a new window

Who hasn't felt burned out once in a while? Sasha has hit a wall, so her well-meaning mother books a room at a seaside resort that they used to visit in her childhood. It's off-season, the resort has become dilapidated, and there is a very annoying man named Finn also staying at the hotel. With a cast of lovable characters and situations, this book will have you laughing out loud and hoping for a sparkling romance. A delightful read for cold winter nights.

Confessions on the 7:45, opens a new window

This suspenseful thriller will have you on the edge of your seat. Selena Murphy has what seems like a chance encounter with a stranger on the evening train. They share secrets and when they part, Selena never expects to see the woman again. But even though they did not exchange phone numbers, Selena starts getting texts from the stranger. The novel follows the lives of several different individuals whose lives become intertwined. This twisty plot is a perfect book for dark winter nights.

Sarah's Picks

Staff member, Collections Department

Nora Goes Off Script, opens a new window

Nora is a TV screenwriter and single mom of two. Her life is turned upside down when her latest work is turned into a movie and the studio asks to use her home as the set. Suddenly, she has trailers on her lawn and a handsome, famous actor in her kitchen. What events will unfold?

Erin’s Picks

Staff member, Collections Department

The Word Is Murder, opens a new window

This is a perfect pick for fans of funny, British murder mysteries. Part of the fun is that the author himself stars as one of the main characters. Anthony is hired by a curmudgeon detective to write a book about a murder investigation, but he finds himself more involved than planned. I listened to the e-audiobook and it was especially delightful because the narrator was fantastic. And the good news is that this is the first book in a series.

This Time Tomorrow, opens a new window

If you want to get lost in a beautiful story that explores the relationship between a father and daughter, this is the book for you. Plus, there is time travel involved! On the night of her 40th birthday, Alice finds herself going back in time to her 16th birthday. Her father is once again young and healthy, and Alice is experiencing the day with a new perspective, knowing how life plays out for the two of them. This is a great pick for folks who like a side of nostalgia in their reading; I couldn't help thinking about my own teenage years and relationships with my parents.

Jocelyn’s Picks

Staff member, Western District

The Dictionary of Lost Words, opens a new window

This book is an absolute heartbreaker, but the characters are so well-drawn and compelling. For the bibliophiles among us, it's also a really interesting history of how the Oxford English Dictionary was compiled and women's contributions to the work.

Happiness Falls, opens a new window

I couldn't put this book down! It is so much more than its Mystery/Thriller description. It's a really thoughtful examination of language, family, love, and happiness.

Anna’s Picks

Staff member, Marketing & Communications

Olive, My Love, opens a new window

A pick for your little ones! Growing up, this picture book was always one of my favourites around this time of year. The illustrations are adorable, and it is such a sweet Valentine's Day story to warm your heart.

 Colleen’s Picks

Staff member, Marketing & Communications

For me, cozy reading is often about enjoying a slower-paced, really well-written novel, often emotional and family—or relationship—focused. Here are a few I love:

She's Come Undone, opens a new window

Leaving Time, opens a new window

Fates and Furies, opens a new window

 Julie’s Picks

Staff member, Youth Services

I love cozy winter reads! Here are a few of my recommendations:

Hello Beautiful, opens a new window

Cloud Cuckoo Land, opens a new window