Staff Stories: Yashika Sally – Welcome to the Team

Originally shared as part of Halifax Public Libraries' 2020-21 Annual Report

When Yashika Sally joined the Library's People & Culture Team as a Human Resources Assistant in February 2020, she and the whole team did not expect to be thrown into the territory of onboarding staff from home. True to her ambitious and caring nature, Yashika quickly found a way to help the Library simplify and modernize its payroll processes—a behind-the-scenes feat that has had significant positive impact across the system.

The COVID-19 pandemic-related closures moved Library programs and services online, but we cannot forget that critical support services like payroll, also moved online. The Library’s People & Culture Team quickly identified ways to move paper-based processes online, and one of the innovators behind this new approach was Yashika.

Yashika is quick to commend her colleagues for being so welcoming, and supporting her learning journey. “The Library always welcomes people with innovative ideas. And it has helped me develop my career path.” It was with this foundation of learning that Yashika was able to modernize the payroll system and support Library employees working in various locations.

While she describes her colleagues as “payroll gurus;” Yashika might be an Excel ™ guru! She helped create the new payroll process, which features an online fillable timesheet to cover all the complexities of Library work schedules. This simple and flexible format improved efficiencies across the organization, and supports the Library’s Climate Action goals by reducing reliance on paper. It’s saving the HR team time as well. They are now able to dedicate more time to organizational goals and projects.

As she highlights herself, “sometimes a small change, can have a big difference and impact.” We couldn’t agree more, Yashika. Thanks for making sure Library staff were well supported during this uncertain time and bringing innovative ideas forward to make your Library even stronger.

 “Over the past year, I have learned and experienced that the Library always welcomes new people with innovative ideas…Working with the Library makes me feel proud, really.”

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