TD Summer Reading Club: July 2019 Reads

Ahh, the TD Summer Reading Club—a sure sign that summer has arrived in Canada. Kids flock to their local public libraries to borrow books to read at home, on road trips, in tents at campgrounds, and on seesaws at playgrounds.

This year’s theme is the Natural World. And, in honouring a core foundation of the TD Summer Reading Club, below are recommended books by Canadian authors or illustrators for you to explore and find inspiration to discover the beautiful world around us.

Check back in August for a new list!

List created by HfxPL_Kids

What bugs do you feel, see, and hear when you walk around your yard or down the city sidewalk? Kick off your shoes and you feel tiny ants tickling your toes on their way to building underground homes. Take a close look and you watch the bright ladybugs working hard to protect the plants that grow in your yard. And if you listen closely you may hear the buzzing of mosquitos as they draw near. There are many bugs to discover when you take a moment and observe the world around you.

Welcome to Africville, a Black community that was located on the shores of the Bedford Basin, here in Halifax. Be sure to take your time as you read this book, exploring the community and breathing in the sights, sounds and smells of days long ago. Follow along to the end of the ocean and see the waves crash against the shore, then trek up and over the hill and taste the sweet berries that grew, and feel the green grass against your ankles as you run Back the Field for a friendly game of football.

Sent to live with his aunt for the summer, Vincent is doubtful that the weeks spent in this concrete city is going to be very summery. To help pass the time, Vincent and a local kid named Toma, throw dirt balls into an empty lot. And as friendship blossoms between the two kids, they discover a garden of flowers blossoming in the empty lot. The dirt balls they were throwing were full of seeds and a community garden has grown. Experience the power of nature and be inspired to enjoy the gardens and green space in your neighbourhood.

Follow Yayah and her family as they spend the day gathering herbs and lightning mushrooms for their first spring harvest. It is a beautiful day to spend outside, surrounded by fragrant pine trees, wildflowers and dark green shrubs. As the family gathers the plants and mushrooms, the children learn how to recognize safe plants from harmful plants, and the importance of thanking the Earth for its food. Readers will learn various words in the Nłeʔkepmxcin language, adding to the richness of the story.

What better resource to kick-off a summer of exploring the world around you than a book dedicated to the Canadian kids’ guide to outdoor fun? This book is jam-packed with fun activities and games to help you enjoy all that the great outdoors has to offer. From games with friends, to solo activities to enjoy on your, a whole book of inspiration awaits.

Inspired by Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Anne of Green Gables, this adaptation is sure to delight readers. Experience Prince Edward Island’s magical landscapes through the book’s beautiful illustrations, as you duck beneath the White Way of Delight on your way to the farm, gaze upon Lake of Shining Waters, and peek through Anne’s window at Snow Queen, the cherry tree outside her window. Anne’s enchantment with the world around her is infectious and you may just find yourself giving fun names to all the natural wonders in your own backyard.

Join Becca for a summer of outdoor adventures at her grandmother’s rustic cottage. Breathe in the nourishing ocean air as she sails to Seal Roc and feel the water against your skin as she swims her boat to shore. You will come face to face with owls, river otters and eagles as you explore the island alongside Becca and her friends. What animals and birds do you see when you walk around your neighbourhood?

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