Mi’kmaw History & Culture

Mi'kmaq History & Culture

Mawita'jik Virtual Pow Wow 2021

Coordinated by the Mi’kmaw Native Friendship Centre, enjoy a virtual Pow Wow for Mawita'jik featuring performance, remarks, and dance.

Indigenous Life in Poetry and Prose

Learn about Indigenous literature and celebrate this diverse collection of Indigenous poetry.

Indigenous History Month: Teen Picks

Featuring YA fiction and non-fiction titles in celebration of National Indigenous History Month.

Indigenous Voices: Stories for Kids Aged 8-12

Great books for young readers by First Nations, Métis and Inuit authors.

Indigenous History Month: Picture Books

Celebrate National Indigenous Peoples month with these picture books.

Indigenous Voices: Board Books

These stories by Indigenous writers are written in the sturdy, accessible, board book format for little ones.

Truth and Reconciliation: Residential Schools in Canada

Academic studies, government reconciliation reports and settler perspectives about the lasting impact of the Residential School system.

Compelling Poetry Collections by Canadian Poets

These collections will get you hooked on poetry. Each book explores a meaningful and complex slice of life in a beautiful, compelling way.

Todd and Melissa Labrador: Mi’kmaw Petroglyphs

Todd and Melissa Labrador reflect on their connection to the land as they learn from the messages left by their ancestors.

Ursula Johnson: Mi’kmaw Hieroglyphs

Ursula Johnson finds a deeper truth in the written language of her people, taught to her by her great-grandfather.

Judy Bernard Googoo: Mi’kmaq Community Gardener

Judy’s efforts at building a garden in Wagmatacook to provide healthier food for her community echo the Mi’kmaq tradition of Netukulimk.

Doreen Bernard: Water is Life

Mi'kmaq elder Doreen Bernard speaks of the importance of water as nourishment, protection, and life for all.

Mi'kmaq History Month 2020 Poster Design

Inspired by Mi’kmaq stories and folklore, artist and illustrator Gerald Gloade shares his design process for Mi'kmaq History Month posters.

Wi’kipatmu’k Mi’kmawey

Celebrate and honour Mi'kmaq History Month with these books for little ones in both English and Míkmawísimk.

Mi'kmaq History Month 2020: A Virtual Celebration

Enjoy this collection of videos, created and compiled by community, that celebrate the rich cultural traditions and history of the Mi’kmaw.

Treaty Day 2020: A Virtual Celebration

Treaties honour the enduring bond of friendship and respect between Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities in Nova Scotia.
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