Celebrating Progress and Vision: Annual General Meeting 2022-23, and Halifax Regional Library Board Award Recipients

Highlights from Halifax Public Libraries' 2022-2023 AGM

On November 22, 2023 we hosted our Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the year 2022-2023, marking a year of significant achievements and forward-looking initiatives. The AGM, led by Halifax Regional Library Board Past Chair Kim Brooks and new Chair Marika Warren, was an event that encapsulated the spirit of our commitment to community enrichment, innovation, and inclusive growth.

Looking back

Kim Brooks, reflecting on her tenure, highlighted the Library's vital role in the community. "This meeting highlights our public libraries, and it's an opportunity to recognize those who contribute to enhancing our programs and services," she said, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of Library staff and volunteers.

Under the theme "A Day in the Life," the AGM and 2022-23 Annual Report showcased how we have served as more than just a place for books; but a hub of activity, learning, and community support. We celebrated notable achievements, such as surpassing pre-COVID numbers in terms of website visits, electronic circulation, and WiFi connections.

Halifax Public Libraries CEO and Chief Librarian, Åsa Kachan, spoke about the Library's dynamic role in the community. "Every day at the Library is unique, shaped by the people who visit, the program hosts, and staff interactions.”

Annual Report

Every day at the Library is unique—shaped by the people who visit, the programs hosted, and staff interactions. For our 2022-23 annual report, opens a new window, we welcomed the community to one unique, hypothetical day across the Library system, encompassing some of the most memorable moments we enjoyed together this past year, alongside the typical and even unsung moments that make up the daily tapestry of library life.

While this day may seem ‘epic’ in and of itself, in the grand scheme of our busy lives, it could also be seen as ‘average,’ but nonetheless filled with intention and impact.

Adding more perspective, this year’s annual report was accompanied by a video, opens a new window at the AGM, highlighting the daily bustle and vibrancy of our library operations, a true reflection of our dynamic nature.

Read the full Annual Report report here, opens a new window

View the Annual Report video here, opens a new window.


The AGM also featured the presentation of the Halifax Regional Library Board Impact Awards. These awards recognize individuals and groups significantly impacting the Library and our community.

Community Impact Award

Faye Atkinson received the Community Impact Award for her heartwarming dedication to knitting toys for children, spreading joy throughout our branches.

Volunteer Impact Award

The Newcomer Newsletter Working Group, opens a new window was awarded the Volunteer Impact Award for their exceptional contributions to our English Language Learning and Conversation Group programs.

Miss Amyoony Award of Staff Innovation and Impact

We were thrilled to present the Miss Amyoony Award of Staff Innovation and Impact to Marcus James, a cherished member of our Halifax North Memorial Public Library branch, affectionately known as 'Uncle Marcus.' His impactful work and his role in forming the 902 Man Up organization have been a beacon of leadership and community engagement.

This year's AGM was more than just a meeting; it was a celebration of our community's resilience, our staff's unwavering dedication, and the continuous support from our volunteers and partners. As Halifax Public Libraries, we remain a hub of knowledge, support, and community engagement, embodying the spirit of inclusivity and innovation.

Thank you for your support!

Read the full Annual Report report here, opens a new window.