Science & Environment

Science & Environment

Science and environment are woven into every minute of everyday life. We create, nurture, and expand our understanding of our world through thoughts and actions every day. Exploration is not limited to size: you can find wonder in a grain of sand or a whole galaxy. Your Library is a launch point for growth and discovery—check out our collection of books, videos, activities, and events to start a new scientific, environmental journey.

Your climate change resource.

Wherever you are on your journey of climate action, your Library is here for you.

On your resource page, we'll collect a variety of links leading you to positive action plans and news. We'll help you to deepen your knowledge of climate issues and connect you with local leaders and activities.

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Blogs & Activities

Theertha Explores the Human Heart

Celebrate Science Literacy Week with Teen Volunteer Theertha, as she explores the human heart.

Climate Action BINGO

Take part in an educational Climate BINGO activity, created in partnership with HaliFACT. Complete your card to enter in a draw for a prize!

2021 Update: Lil Floof and Family

Lil Floof and her family have become Library stars, with many Haligonians following the family tree. Meet the newest chicks on our rooftop.

Wind Turbines with Skills Canada

Multiple Dates
Multiple Locations
Discover the world of renewable energy and ways to take action against climate change in this fun wind turbine workshop for kids ages 12+.

Full STEAM Ahead Events

Tuesdays | 3:45-4:45 PM
Join us each week for a new project exploring the wonderful worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics. (Ages 8-12)

A Beginner's Guide to the Best Indoor Plants

Calling all plant lovers! From one beginner to the next, check out Teen Blogger Theertha's top 5 easy to care for house plants.

All About Grab & Go Kits

The Grab & Go Kit—stocked with supplies and a guide—has become a staple of Library service, and it's here to stay. Learn more and explore.

Best Places to Read Outside in the HRM and Matching YA Picks

Summers are for outdoor reading! Co-op student Kashmala offers her suggestions on reading spots in the HRM and a book to match each setting.

6 Steps to Help Save Our Planet

By Teen Blogger, Ella | Learn how six easy actions and modifications to your daily life can help save our planet.

Ava the Inventor: A Musquodoboit Valley Success Story

The Library strives to inspire people of all ages to make a difference in their community. Check out Ava's inspiring story, here!

Get Creative With Your Kids!

Dreaming up fun activities to keep your kids busy and engaged is hard work. Luckily, we have some ideas to help your family get creative.

Full STEAM Ahead: Technology Projects for Kids of All Ages

There are so many great resources out there for us to gain new skills in technology. Here are five of our favorites.
xylophone made out of jars and garden contents

Get Crafting: Make Your Own Outdoor Xylophone

With warm weather comes chances to do neat things outside! If you love music, you're going to love this simple outdoor musical craft.

No More Single-Use Plastic Bags at the Library

We're happy to announce the Library is joining retail businesses across Nova Scotia in stopping the use of plastic bags.

Educational E-Books

Support for school subjects is just a click away. Check out Math, Science, Language Arts, and Life Sciences e-books for kids on OverDrive.

Sable Island: A Real-Life Storybook Experience

Staff member, Claudia, shares the story of a dream realized: Flying to Sable Island in a prop plane. Read her story, here.
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