Science & Environment

Science & Environment

Science and environment are woven into every minute of everyday life. We create, nurture, and expand our understanding of our world through thoughts and actions every day. Exploration is not limited to size: you can find wonder in a grain of sand or a whole galaxy. Your Library is a launch point for growth and discovery—check out our collection of books, videos, activities, and events to start a new scientific, environmental journey.

Your climate change resource.

Wherever you are on your journey of climate action, your Library is here for you.

On your resource page, we'll collect a variety of links leading you to positive action plans and news. We'll help you to deepen your knowledge of climate issues and connect you with local leaders and activities.

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Events & Activities

Alderney Ideas Seminar: Online & In-Person, part of a series

Facilitated by Andrew Kernohan, Ph.D., each week you will enjoy lively group discussions about life and the universe. Register now!

State of the World: The Modern Library

In the aftermath of Hurricane Fiona in September 2023, learn how a local library proved to be even more than a safe harbour in the storm.

2023 Update: Lil Floof and Family

Lil Floof and her family have become Library stars, with many Haligonians following the family tree. Meet the newest chicks on our rooftop.

Urban Biodiversity: Green is Good, Colourful is Better

Through LEGO workshops with community members, Artist & Innovator in Residence, Christine Hempel proposes ideas for biodiversity in Halifax.
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