Resources for ELL learners and tutors

ELL for Adults Volunteer Tutor Orientation Kit
Available from your program coordinator, this booklet is designed to give new tutors information on how the programs work, as well as ideas, tips and activities for starting out as an ELL tutor.

Your Local Branch’s ELL/Literacy Section
Each branch of Halifax Public Libraries has a section devoted to books, tapes and videos for adult ELL or literacy learners. Most of these materials are available to take home, although some high-use items may be marked ‘reference’ and must stay in the library. Your program coordinator and the information desk staff can show you the ELL/Literacy section in your branch and help you find what you’re looking for.

You can also use the Library catalogue to look for resources. You may want to try these topics under the “Subject starts with...” menu tab:

  • English Language Learning
  • tutoring
  • literacy materials

The Library will send a book from any branch to your local branch if you request it. Just click on the “place hold” option while you are browsing the catalogue.

If there’s something you’d like Halifax Public Libraries to add to the collection, you can fill out a Suggestion for Purchase.

Please take advantage of the resources available in the Library. Remember, registering for a library card and borrowing a book can be a great second language experience!

Program Resources
Each ELL for Adults program has a collection of materials for program use, usually stored on a book cart available in the program room. These materials cannot be borrowed and are only available for use during program times. If there are resources you’d like to have in the program room that are not currently available, please tell your program coordinator. If there are resources in the program room you’d like to borrow, please fill out a Request for Purchase form.

All branches of Halifax Public Libraries have computers available for public use, although in some branches the conditions are not ideal for pair work in the public computer area. These branches have program-use computers available right in the program room during session times. Both public and program-use computers offer Internet access as well as learning software such as the Interactive Picture Dictionary. Ask your program coordinator about what’s available on the computers in your branch.

Recommendations from our Coordinators

Library Resources: