Accessibility at Library Branches

Accessibility at Library Branches

All our locations offer unique environments to foster discovery, creativity, and engagement.

The following equipment is available at some or all of our branch locations.

Assistive technology workstations

All our Library desktop computers have NVDA Screen Reader programs installed. Also, large-print keyboards and optical trackball mice are available for use with public PCs at some locations. Ask us!

We also have clearly marked assistive technology workstations in our computer areas at the following branches.

You can drop in or book ahead.

All computers shut down 15 minutes before our location closes.

Available at:

Workstation features:

  • Adjustable table for wheelchair access
  • 24-inch screen for larger viewing
  • Large-print keyboard
  • Scanner
  • JAWS 2020 screen reader software
  • Windows 10 screen reader
  • Windows 10 magnifier
  • Standard Microsoft Office software
  • Internet access

CCTV Magnifier

You can use this closed circuit television system (CCTV) to enlarge text from a page onto a screen, making it up to 50 times larger.

Available at:

FM Personal Amplification System

This tool transmits sound from a microphone to a receiver via FM frequency. It can be used in conjunction with a hearing aid or earplugs.

Available at:

Hand-held magnifiers

Available at:

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