How To: Send a Print Job to the Library

You can easily print items from your computer, smartphone, or tablet while at the Library. With mobile printing, you can do this from home or on the go. There are 2 easy ways to send a print job from your device: email your print job to the location where you want to pick it up, or use our mobile printing service, PrinterOn, through your web browser or via the PrinterOn app. This post will walk you through both options.
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Fake News: Navigating the Chaos

Fake news used to be easy to spot. Who doesn’t remember those tabloid headlines that screamed “Elvis is Alive” or “I was Bigfoot’s Love Slave!” These days it’s a little trickier to discern fact from fiction. It doesn’t help that up to ¾ of us are getting at least some of our news from social media, where fake news runs rampant. This useful infographic and tips from your friendly Library team can help you root through fact and fiction.
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Read Away Your Fines

Read Away Your Fines is the free and easy way for kids and teens to use the power of reading to clear fines from their Halifax Public Libraries cards. For every 15 minutes spent reading at the Library, $2.00 will be credited toward your fines. Settle in, and watch your fines fly away. Simply check…
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