Explore Augmented Reality Apps for Kids

Written by Kara-Lyne, Technology Intern with Halifax Public Libraries

Turn the world around you into a place to explore, learn, and create with Augmented Reality (AR) technology! Easy to use and inspire the next generation of innovators, AR takes elements from the real world and adds a fun tech twist.

To help you get started, our Technology Intern, Kara-Lyne, shares some of her favourite free AR apps for kids. These apps are available on Android and iOS, and are sure to fill your days with endless fun. 

Narrator AR

  • Age: 3 to 5

Make learning how to write fun and interactive with the Narrator AR app, opens a new window! Once your child finishes writing their word, they can use the app to launch the letters off the page as either a prancing unicorn or a rocket. Get started by printing an activity page on the Narrator AR website, opens a new window, and when your word is ready, hold your device over the page, scan the QR code, and watch the magic happen.

Quiver Masks

  • Ages: 4+

With the Quiver Mask app, opens a new window, you can bring your colouring pages to life. Start by printing the colouring sheets on the Quiver Vision website, opens a new window. Once your activity sheet is coloured to perfection, you need to open the Quiver Masks app, point your camera at the completed colouring sheet, and pull your device away from the page until the red square turns blue. Now, you can watch your artistic masterpiece come to life. Point your device's camera at a person, and you’ll watch the mask you coloured come to life! Quiver Masks also uses facial recognition, so when you smile, the mask will smile too.

Star Walk

  • Ages: 4+

If you love space as much as we do, you’ll love the Star Walk app, opens a new window. Star Walk is an interactive app that maps out the night sky using your smart device. With interactive satellite tracking and AR features, this app unlocks the secrets of the night sky right from the comfort of your backyard.

Just a Line

  • Ages: 8+

Draw on the world with your friends at the same time. The Just a Line app, opens a new window lets you draw in your surroundings using your mobile device. Once your artistic masterpiece is complete, you can take a video and share your creation. You can even colour with friends in the same space by pairing your phones through the app. Try playing tic-tac-toe or creating a galaxy of stars.


If you enjoy playing games on your mobile device, these games have options that will allow you to see AR in action.

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