In The Sunroom: 365 James Bond Characters

On display until October 30, 2020, in The Sunroom at Central Library, 365 James Bond Characters by Emmanuel Nwogbo.

About 365 James Bond Characters

"Practice is essential to living an artful and creative life. On January 1, 2018, I challenged myself to create one piece of art everyday for a year.

My goal was to pay tribute to a different James Bond movie character for 365 days. I focused on digital collage and photo manipulation to increase my technical and visual storytelling skills through the hundreds of unique characters. My father introduced me to James Bond movies when I was a young boy, and immediately I was drawn to the characters and the adventure in the films.

This 365-day challenge re-kindled those childhood memories of watching James Bond with my dad.”

About the artist

Emmanuel Nwogbo is a Nigerian-born visual artist who now resides in Canada. Having grown up in the bustling city of Lagos, Nigeria, his colourful artworks pay homage to his motherland. His lifelong interest in art and culture led him to an academic pursuit in Visual Art and Visual Communication Design and later a master’s degree at NSCAD University.

At NSCAD, his work examined various serious themes such as, environmental degradation, exploitation, militantism, corruption, oppression and several other wicked problems associated with oil exploration in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria. His practice also explored various ways design activism could potentially be used to design justice for the Niger Delta.

Since graduation, he has focused on diversifying his work and skill set by constant practice.

Emmanuel’s style is informed by interests in early 20th century art movements such as surrealism and dada. Metaphors, ironies and other figures of speech also play a huge role in his story making process.

About The Sunroom 

The Sunroom, located on the 5th Floor of Halifax Central Library, showcases rotating art exhibits that highlight emerging and professional local artists. This space invites everyone from our community to experience Halifax’s diverse expressions of imagination, knowledge, and creativity. 

The Sunroom is made possible by the generosity of Margot and Layne Spafford.

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