Knowledge Challenge: An Online Scavenger Hunt for Kids

Created by Children's Services staff

Parents, do you need some incentive to keep your children learning?  Every week, we'll be adding a new challenge, and kids will have a chance to win cool prizes, weekly!

Enter the Knowledge Challenge to win some cool Library gear! 

How to play

  • Download this week's challenge below in PDF.
  • Help your children (recommended for ages 8-13) answer the questions.
  • Email your typed answers with the Subject Line: Library Knowledge Challenge, to the address
  • One name will be drawn at the end of each week, and the winner(s) will be emailed.
  • No information will be kept. All emails will be deleted after the winners are drawn. 
  • Each child in your home may enter once per challenge. 

This week's challenge

Entries accepted on closing date until 5:00pm.

April 27-May 3 (Closed)

Using the free tools in our E-Library, find the answers to these cool science questions!

April 20-26 (Closed)

Explore the Library Catalogue (Click to download)

Congratulations to our winner, Claire, age 10.

April 13-19 (Closed)

Interview Your Adult (Click to download)

Congratulations to our winner, Felix, age 10.

April 6-12 (Closed)

Theatre and Musicals (Click to download)

Congratulations to our winning team of sisters, Elodie (age 6) and Annabelle (age 3).

March 30-April 5 (Closed)

Canadian Geography (Click to download)

Congratulations to our winner, Devin, age 10.