Let’s Say “Thank You” to Essential Workers

A great big thanks

There are a lot of people to thank right now. While many of us are staying home, there are some people with really important jobs who are still going to work. They are called “essential workers." That means they need to work, so the rest of us can do our job—which right now is, staying home and staying safe.

It can be hard to say "thank you" to these people when we can’t leave our houses, so we have come up with a plan.

We’re collecting thank-you cards for essential workers from kids (and anyone else, of any age!). We will make sure they get to see them by posting them as a Gallery of Thanks in this blog and sharing widely on our social media.

Who are we thanking?

  • People keeping us safe, like police officers and ambulance drivers.
  • People keeping us healthy, like doctors, nurses, and cleaning staff.
  • People who are making sure we can get food, like the people working at grocery stores, and farmers.
  • People who are delivering things we need, like postal workers and truckers.
  • People who are helping our city run smoothly like bus drivers, garbage collectors, and politicians.
  • Who else can you add to our list?

Make a thank-you card

We want to show these people how much we appreciate them, and we would love your help! 

Collect your craft supplies—crayons, markers, pencils and paper or whatever you can find—and make a thank-you card. You can choose one type of person to thank, or you can say "thank you" to everyone.

Write, draw, paint, or craft something wonderful. We want to see all of your amazing ideas and beautiful artwork. 

Send a photo of your card to us

When you are finished, take a picture or scan of your creation. 

You do not need to be featured in the photo—we will be sharing all photos of cards and people holding their cards. This is up to you!

  • Send the photo as an attachment to us at  hplkids@halifax.ca.
  • Use the Subject Line: "Thank You Card Creation."
  • Feel free to include a first name and age—or share yours anonymously.
  • You can keep your original card.


By submitting your photo, you give Halifax Public Libraries and its partners non-exclusive permission to use content of and/or made by the participant for digital or print publications. You understand that this may include, but is not limited to, social media posts, websites, newsletters, advertisements, posters and pamphlets. You also understand that on occasion, Library photos, video, audio, or publications may be shared with media outlets and community partners for use in promotions of Library events, initiatives, and stories. You certify that no other person's permission is needed to authorize the use of said images or content. You agree that Halifax Public Libraries cannot be held liable for images or content used with my consent. 

Gallery of Thanks

We’ll collect the photos of cards and post them here in our gallery, which we will update frequently. We will help your words reach the people who need your support.

Thank you, for helping us say "thank you."