Quiz: Literary Villains

Heroes seem to be all of the talk during Mini-Con, but do you think you know all the meanest, most villainous characters? Put your knowledge to the test with this fun quiz on literary villains!

Literary Villains Quiz

This Harry Potter professor punished students by making them write lines with a cursed quill.
In Stephen King’s book “IT”, this ancient alien creature preys upon children every 27 years.
In this book, Amy Dunne disappears on her fifth wedding anniversary, leaving her husband Nick as the suspect.
This play features a Lady villain in a sleepwalking scene that is one of the most famous scenes of all of Shakespeare’s plays.
This villain is described as Batman’s greatest nemesis.
Agatha Trunchbull is the nasty headmistress in this Roald Dahl book.
This actor played Hannibal Lecter in the film version of Thomas Harris’ The Silence of the Lambs.
Count Olaf is the main villain of this children’s series.
This sequel to The Handmaid’s Tale gives more information into the background of villain Aunt Lydia.
President Snow in The Hunger Games is the ruthless leader of this nation.
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