Short Stories for the Win

Written by Diane, staff member, Woodlawn Public Library

Everyone is talking about what they are reading right now. (We have to say, we love it!)

Some people are wrapping themselves up in a cozy mystery, looking for a good escape; some people are embracing the opportunity to finally read a classic they’ve never had time to enjoy; and some people are finding it hard to make it to the end of a blog post right now. (I'm talking to you. Stick with us, this is a short one!)          

If this last type of reader is you, at-the-moment, let me remind you of a joyful little gem: the short story.

When your mind is overflowing, or slowed down to a crawl, a novel can feel like a monumental task. Learning all the characters and following a plot over multiple sittings can feel like a chore—I hear you. But a short story can usually be read in one sitting. It’s a mini-escape and at the end, you feel like you’ve accomplished something. So check that off your list and pat yourself on the back. Bonus: Next time you can travel on another, completely different escape.

How to choose

There are over 1,300 short story collections on our OverDrive, opens a new window, covering every genre. Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

All hail the queen of short stories

If you’ve never read the queen of short stories, Alice Munro, put her on your list immediately. She’s won countless awards including the Nobel Peace Prize for her perfectly crafted sketches of Canadian life. 

Feeling mysterious?

If you’re more partial to monsters and mystery, try something like The Last Wish, a short story collection in the series that inspired the hit Netflix show, The Witcher? Or you could try a classic, like The Works of Edgar Allen Poe.

Familiar favourites

You may not know this, but many of your favourite writers have short story collections, including James Patterson,  Lee Child, and Maeve Binchy; so you can stick with something familiar.

A comprehensive list

Here are some of my favourites, gathered for you in one neat list.

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