Tales From the Kalehouse: 8 Recommended Gardening Resources

Written by Susan, staff member, Keshen Goodman Public Library

It's that time of year! Planting seeds, helping them grow, and just getting outside can reap massive benefits, opens a new window. In this blog post, resident Library gardening pro, Susan, shares some of her favourite tips and resources.

We have noted which of these books are available digitally via OverDrive and hoopla, as well as shared links to physical books in our collection. While we are closed and holds deactivated, we recommend placing any physical titles on your 'For Later' reading shelf!

1. Apartment Gardening by Amy Pennington

 Create your own vegetable garden on a window sill or planter box. This handy book will give you advice on planting in a 300-foot space. You’ll be enjoying your own homegrown corn—planted in a parking strip—in no time.
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Apartment Gardening

2. Groundbreaking Food Gardens by Niki Jabbour

Have you ever thought of growing your own food for your next cocktail party? Or what about a garden completely dedicated to 24 types of chili peppers and endless varieties of salad greens? Niki Jabbour will show you how with the help of other fun and quirky gardeners.
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Groundbreaking Food Gardens

3. The Book of Kale and Friends: 14 Easy-to-Grow superfoods with 130+ Recipes by Sharon Hannah and Carol Pope

This enchanting book will teach you all you need to know about kale and other superfoods, including fennel, cilantro, parsley, rosemary, sage, and thyme. Included are some fantastic recipes, such as Kalelicious Chocolate Cake and even a Kale Doggy Biscotti for your four-legged friend.
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The Book of Kale and Friends

4. Container and Fragrant Gardens by Peter Loewer

 If you love to stop and smell the roses, you’ll enjoy this garden book that will show you how to create your own perfume garden, with fragrant flowers and scented houseplants. This book provides practical advice on soil types, design, and maintenance. It also explains how to grow small trees and shrubs, all within a pot.
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Container and Fragrant Gardens

5. The Crafty Gardener by Becca Andersen

A beautiful, down-to-earth book for anyone who loves to garden and make their own crafts. Learn to create your own candles. Or explore how to create your own potpourri, bath salts, and essential oils. You can even produce fountains, birdhouses, and fairy doors! Let this little gem of a book guide you to some well-versed garden secrets, as well as providing a bounty of DIY garden ideas.
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The Crafty Gardener

6. Notes from A Sceptical Gardener by Ken Thompson

Why do orange petunias like hot water? Why do needles fall off of Christmas trees? What insect has metal spikes? Or, how frightened should you really be of the Japanese knotweed?  Biologist and Telegraph columnist, Ken Thompson, will answer all this and much more, in this curious little book of garden lore.
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Notes From a Sceptical Gardener

7. The Pollinator Victory Garden by Kim Eierman

This book will help you attract pollinators—from bees to beetles, birds to butterflies and moths—for your garden. We need them to help grow our flowers and help keep our food supply going. Just like the victory gardens during the world wars, you too can take part in this great effort to keep the planet strong.
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The Pollinator Victory Garden

8. DIY Hydroponic Gardens by Tyler Baras

Do you love plants but don’t have the right amount of soil or sunlight? Farmer Tyler will show you how to use water-based systems that will cost next to nothing to build. In this all-encompassing book, he will give you information on nutrients, light and ventilation, equipment, growing, and maintenance. What’s stopping you? Get started on your own hydroponic garden today!
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DIY Hydroponic Gardens