Tips for Launching a YouTube Channel

Written by Guest Blogger Laura Walton, YouTuber "Cinderella Sew." Laura will be presenting at Central Library's Small Business Café on July 9, 2018.

1. Don't get caught up with the name.

Start with something and go from there! A lot of the biggest channels have names that were never intended to go "YouTube famous." The trick is just getting started.

2. Film what you know.

Don't try to tap into a trend. Instead, just show off skills you have or what you enjoy doing. Again, the trick is not intending to become famous, it is to have fun!

3. Keep videos short and sweet.

Easy editing programs like iMovie and Windows Media Player can help you eliminate boring sections and keep your videos short, interesting, and fresh. If you need a tutorial on how to use this software, search for some on YouTube.

4. Experiment and play around.

Start making videos and see what you like to do, and what you like to film. You never know what will happen!

5. Enjoy the power of YouTube.

What you create will stay on your channel for as long as you like. You can use this as a way to keep private memories, spread public awareness, or teach people around the world. 

Whether your videos reach thousands of people, or just a few, it's an awesome time capsule for your creations.

About Laura Walton

Originally intended as a social media outlet, Laura found success with her channel, Cinderella Sew, opens a new window. Her videos demonstrate how to easily alter and mend clothing. Laura was excited to see one of her videos gain thousands of views, and began posting more and more.

Today, she has almost 2,000,000 views on over 150 videos. She has found a formula to make short, to-the-point video tutorials that teach a variety of tricks. She also takes feedback and suggestions from viewers on what kind of videos to create. Using a Canon camera and iMovie editing, she can film and post a video within an hour. Laura says she loves creating the videos even more than her original passion of sewing and restyling clothes.

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