Volunteer Appreciation: Get to Know Roya, the Inspiring Volunteer Bridging Cultures at Keshen Goodman Public Library

It All Comes Back to Roya

In the vibrant heart of Keshen Goodman Public Library, an energetic atmosphere flourishes, thanks in large part to the dedicated volunteers who devote their time and talents to making the Library a welcoming hub.

One such individual is Roya Fahimi, a passionate volunteer and avid learner who has been a committed member of the Sharing Newsletter Group for nearly five years. As we observe Volunteer Appreciation Week, let's delve into Roya's unique contributions to the Keshen Goodman Public Library and explore the ways her commitment and enthusiasm have touched the lives of its patrons, particularly newcomers to Halifax.

Originally from Iran, Roya found her inspiration to volunteer at the Library through the life of Marion Keshen Goodman, the Library's namesake.

"It is 'The power of Marion's love' I feel in this place," she shares. "Marion's character inspired me to volunteer for the Halifax Public Library and enjoy helping others."

Since then, she has actively participated in various programs and initiatives, including the Women's English Conversation Group, which she joined in 2016. Roya credits her success in Canada to the unwavering support of the Library's volunteers.

"I am ever grateful to the volunteers who strive to provide excellent services to people," she says.

One of Roya's most treasured experiences as a volunteer involves working with people from different countries.

"Everybody is super welcoming and helpful," she shares. "We have each other's backs."

Through her volunteer work, Roya has not only connected with individuals from various cultures but has also gained invaluable Canadian experience and learned a variety of skills to add to her resumé. Her involvement with the Library even led her to her dream job. As Volunteer Appreciation Week unfolds, Roya reflects on her personal growth and the priceless lessons she has gained during her time at the Library.

"Volunteering helped me open doors and provided positive life experiences," she says.

For those contemplating volunteering with the Halifax Public Libraries, Roya's message is one of motivation:

"Discover your new interests and hobbies and make your days both meaningful and satisfying in new ways," she advises. “Iranians have a proverb that says, ‘Time is like gold.’ You donate your valuable time to people; you make the world a better place to live. [Volunteers,] you have big hearts for others; you are our heroes!"

In honour of volunteers like Roya Fahimi, we recognize the enduring impact they have on the lives of those who frequent the Library. Through their unwavering commitment and passion for helping others, these devoted individuals truly transform our various branches, like Keshen Goodman Public Library, into havens of learning, inspiration, and connection.

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