Write On: Writing Prompts for Creative Minds

Writing prompts and samples by staff member, Vicky

Dig out your journal or grab your laptop, and start filling that blank page. These stories are yours to tell.

These 10 writing prompts are intended to awaken your imagination and get your pencil moving. Try one or try them all. Your stories can be as long or short as you'd like.

Share your creations in the comments below, or keep them for yourself. 

Write on!

1) A Day in the Life

Write about an ordinary day/ordinary moment.

Vicky has shared her response as an example to get your creative juices flowing.

The blackout curtains did not deliver on their promises. Amelia pulled her quilt over her head, but the sun came through in blades, slicing around the curtains’ edge and cutting against the wall, along the floor, and over the bed. And she had seen it. There was no going back now: she was awake.

She threw the blankets back dramatically as she sat up.

Carleton sat at the end of the bed, his black fur glistening in the rising sun. He blinked his eyes.

Amelia flopped forward onto the bed and moaned. Carleton placed his paws on her legs and began to meow, quietly at first, and then with greater insistence. “I know, I know.” Amelia mumbled.

With Carleton weaving between her legs, she shuffled to the kitchen. The can opener ground rhythmically with Carleton’s intermittent purrs and chirps of anticipation. The morning was his favourite time. The paté plopped into the dish, and robotically she placed it on the floor to much feline excitement.

As she walked to the breadbox, she turned on the radio.

“… and that’s how Pongo the Chimpanzee got his own book deal, if you can believe that. You’ll start seeing that on shelves starting next May.” Amelia put the bread in the toaster. “Can’t imagine it’ll be easy to get an autograph, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see! It’s 6:15am, you’re listening to Marty V., and here’s “Walking on Sunshine” by Katrina and the Waves!”

Amelia looked down at Carleton who was whisker deep in canned meat. She smiled a bit, and pushed the plunger on the toaster.

2) Up on the Shelf

In the back corner of your closet, high on a shelf, you find a box you don’t remember seeing before. When you open the box, you are pulled inside. Where does it take you? How do you escape?

3) The Seconds Count

You have the ability to control time. You’ve used this power your whole life to get what you want. One day, when you’ve paused the world, you cannot unpause it. Can you get time moving forward again?

4) All Around the World

Write a story that takes place outside of Canada.

5) AHHH!

Write a story about something that scares you.

6) Here I Come to Save The Day, Maybe

Write about having a questionable super power, and how it saves the world.

7) Humanity’s BFF

You are a dog. You are the goodest dog, and your owner is the bestest owner. But one day, your owner doesn’t come home. Where are they? Are they in trouble? What is a dog to do?

8) Centennial Celebrations

You are turning 100 years old. Your family has thrown you a birthday party, but there’s something they don’t know. You’re older than that. Much, much older. And now it’s time to tell them why… and how.

9) My Stomach Is Full of Butterflies and They’re All Throwing Up

Write a conversation between two people on a first date.

10) That Sunshine Feeling

Write about something that gives you joy.

11) Bike Life

Write a story about being on a bicycle. Where are you going? Is it easy, or is it hard work? How does it make you feel?

12) Stuck On You

While going through an antique store, you find a ring. The antique dealer warns you that the ring is cursed, but you buy it anyway. When you get home, you place the ring on your finger and in an instant you look like someone/thing else... someone/thing bad. And the ring: it won't come off.

13) If Music Be The Food of Love

Write a story about music from the perspective of an instrument in a band.

14) The Secret

Shhhh - The time has come to reveal a long hidden family secret to your granddaughter. What is the secret? How will it change her life? Why do her parents want to keep her in the dark?

15) When You Were Young

Write a biographical story about your childhood from when you were 8-12 years old.

16) You're Not in Kansas Anymore

You are a Munchkin and have just watched a house fall on the Wicked Witch of the East. You see her shoes sticking out from under the house, and before Dorothy even makes it outside, you take the shoes and run.

17)  Everyday Dungeons and Dragons

Every decision you make in your life is based off of the roll of a twenty sided die you were given at birth. The higher you roll, the more successful you are; the lower you roll... well, just don't roll low, okay?

18) Wish You Were Here

Write a story about your favourite place in the whole world.

19) The Man in Black

At a coffee shop, you watch as a muscular man, dressed head to toe in black, comes to the counter and sits down. He is rugged. He is mysterious. He is intriguing. He is drinking a mint hot chocolate with extra whip and sprinkles. Who is this guy?

20) Self Love

Write a story about how great you are. Because, well, you're awesome.