Celebrating Culture

Celebrating Culture

Nova Scotia is home to a diverse community of people representing more than 100 cultures and ethnicities from all over the globe. Halifax Public Libraries is shaped by our community, and we aim to reflect the amazing traditions, experiences, accomplishments, and arts that create our shared story in Halifax. This page features a collection of reading lists, community-created content, events, virtual celebrations, and more. Check back often for new content.


May is Asian Heritage Month

Over the last two centuries, people have journeyed to Halifax from East Asia, Southern Asia, Western, and Southeast Asia, bringing our community a rich cultural heritage representing many languages, ethnicities, and religious traditions.

Since the 1990s, Asian Heritage Month has been celebrated across Canada, and in May 2002, the Government of Canada signed an official declaration to designate May as Asian Heritage Month.

This year, we invite you to explore and celebrate the many stories, creations, and voices of people of Asian descent. Halifax Public Libraries, in partnership with our community, is pleased to present Asian Heritage Month virtual events, blogs, and resources throughout the month of May.

This page will be frequently updated with new content.

Celebrating Culture: Blogs & Resources

My Summer with the Pyramids

Travel back in time with Teen Blogger, Hana, as we explore the pyramids of Egypt.

I Am From Asia: An Art Exhibit

Wander around Asia through local artists' artworks and stories. No need to show us your passport— just bring yourself, and be transported.

Movies and Shows on DVD to Celebrate Asian Heritage Month

Immerse yourself in these films and television series featuring actors of Asian descent and settings in many of Asia's beautiful countries.

Celebrating Eid al-Fitr: History, Traditional Foods & Recipe

Muslims worldwide will celebrate Eid starting on May 12 or 13. It is an occasion of peace and joy. Here, Rania tells you more.

Meet Our Artist in Residence: Tara Taylor

Tara's residency will touch all Library branches through workshops and sharing collaborative art. Check out our interview to learn more!

Asian Heritage Month: Read Your Way Through Asia

Celebrate Asian Heritage Month with this list of novels and memoirs for adults, written by Canadian writers of Asian descent.

PressReader: Local and International News

Stay in touch with the news of the world. Access PressReader online—now available for at-home access.

African Heritage Month: Spotify Playlists

Explore music for every mood with one of these curated African Heritage Month playlists. Listen along now!

Community Art: Boma Nnaji at Woodlawn Public Library

Woodlawn Public Library is hosting a community art display by Halifax-based artist Boma Nnaji throughout March 2021.

Mary's African Cuisine: Fanti Fanti Stew and Sashwe Soup

This week, join Mary and her kids as they make Fanti Fanti Stew and Sashwe Soup—also known as fish stew and fisherman’s soup.

African Heritage Month: Adult Staff Lists

Explore our collection of African Heritage Month reading recommendations for adults, and discover your new favourite finds.

African Heritage Month: Kids Staff Lists

Help teach your kids about the importance of African heritage, diversity, and culture with one of our specially-made Staff Lists.

Storytime: The Gathering with Theresa Meuse

The Gathering helps teach parents and children about Indigenous spiritual gatherings, or mawiomi.

Mary's African Cuisine: Groundnut Soup

This week, join Mary as she cooks her tasty Groundnut Soup with omo tuo—also known as peanut soup with rice balls.

Walking Gottingen: An Immersive Storytelling Experience

Through natural sound and diverse voices, this project transports listeners to a portal of lived experiences in the community.

Celebrating Chinese New Year with Children

To help your kids better understand this unique cultural celebration, we’ve collected some fun activities to help welcome in the new year!
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