Cobequid Past & Future

Cobequid Past & Future

Faces of Cobequid

Photos from residents of the Cobequid Region. From horse racing to hockey teams, class and family photos, these memories live on. 

The Sackville River & Bedford Basin

Shots of the River and Basin through the years. As significant parts of our communities, these bodies of water have seen a lot of history. 

Stories of Cobequid Past

Audio clips and videos with personal stories of growing up in Sackville, Bedford, Lucasville, Fall River, Waverly, and Beaver Bank.

Story Writing Contest

Grade 4 to 6 students entered stories of what they think their Cobequid future will look like.

Cobequid Past & Future Event Photos

A gallery of photos from the Cobequid Past & Future events and wrap-up party.

Historical Photos

Photos of people, businesses, landmarks, and memories of Cobequid past.

Visions of the Future

Local youth were asked to paint what they hope the future will look like where they live. See their visions here.
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