Stories of the Future

The Cobequid Past & Future project is a collaboration between Bedford and Sackville Public Libraries to preserve local history and generate new stories for future generations.

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What do you imagine the future will look like where you live? Students in grades 4 to 6 in the Cobequid Region entered a story writing contest to predict the future of their neighbourhood. Judges picked the top three stories and all writers were celebrated at the Cobequid Past & Future wrap-up party.

Click on each name to read the imaginative and futuristic stories. 

First Place – Wesley Collins 

Second Place – Kiana Nafarieh 

Third Place – Caden Bishop 

Alex Baker

Andrew Luong

Aniya Moran 

Brooklyn Allen 

Gavin Kassouf 

Griffin Giles 

Jayanna Thompson-Rushton 

Lucas Hart 

Megan O'Hearn 

Nathan Regular 

Obed Harun 

Olivia Elliott 

Ryann Spicer 

Sanuli Gamage 

Sarahfaith Rose-Vachon 

Savannah Postma 

Sean McDowell 

Shai Moscovich 

Sierra Burns 

Zack Walker