2023 Halifax Regional Library Board Impact Awards & Bookmark Contest

Halifax Public Libraries' Strategic Plan, opens a new window outlines our vision: 

Reflecting our community, we are a resource for everyone and a launch point for growth

Achieving our vision requires great work on the part of our staff, volunteers, and community organizations that partner with the Library.

These Impact Awards are an opportunity for the Board to acknowledge the great work being done through the Library, for the community. They will be presented at the Annual General Meeting of the Halifax Regional Library Board.

Community Impact Award

Supporting our community is at the heart of what we do at Halifax Public Libraries, and we are fortunate to have many community members that help support our work through the Library. This award is the Board’s opportunity to recognize and thank an individual or a group that has made a distinct, significant, and lasting impact on our community through their collaboration with Halifax Public Libraries.

Nominees may be community groups, community partners, or a member of the community at large whose contribution to Halifax Public Libraries resulted in significant positive impact to our community.  Nominees may be individuals or groups, and may be non-profit, for-profit, or a social enterprise.

Download the Community Impact Award nomination form

Volunteer Impact Award

The Halifax Regional Library Board recognizes the incredible efforts of our many volunteers who give their time so generously to help us realize our Vision and help us live our values. This award is the Board’s opportunity to recognize and thank an individual or volunteer group for their distinct, significant and lasting impact on Halifax Public Libraries and the community we serve.

This may be awarded to an individual or group that has provided or currently provides volunteer service to Halifax Public Libraries.  Recipients should have inspired volunteers, led volunteer groups, or made other exceptional achievements through volunteering.  Recipients may be current or former volunteers of Halifax Public Libraries, including Halifax Regional Library Board members currently not serving on the Board.

Download the Volunteer Impact Award nomination form

Miss Amyoony Award of Staff Innovation & Impact

Libraries are continuously evolving to best serve and reflect our community. Our ethos of Be Brave, Push Boundaries, Reach Further is manifested in our staff who provide exceptional service to our community and help us live our values.Through this award, the Board will celebrate an individual or team for outstanding innovation, resulting in a positive impact and improved service for our community.

Individuals or teams must be employed by Halifax Public Libraries at the time of nomination and at the time of bestowment at the Annual Meeting. Contributions should support the Strategic Plan, foster the introduction of innovative solutions, and/or overall excellence in service. Recipient(s) may be an individual or a team. Individuals or teams may only receive this award once for a project or initiative and can only be nominated a second time for a new initiative.

Download the Miss Amyoony Award of Staff Innovation & Impact nomination form

... and new for this year!

Design a Bookmark Award

This year the Board is pleased to announce the Design a Bookmark Award. This is a wonderful way to involve our younger Library users in the Board Award process. We invite all of those younger than 13 to submit their design for a bookmark that will be featured at all of our branches, with a special celebration at the 'home branch' of each winner. Winners will also receive a case of 100 bookmarks to give away to friends and family.

Download a Design a Bookmark Award form

Call for Nominations and Entries

Please submit your nomination no later than August 1, 2023 to:
Halifax Public Libraries
Attn: Alison Lucio
60 Alderney Drive
Dartmouth, NS B2Y 4P8
Or submit by email to: agadmin@halifax.ca

 If you have any questions, please contact Alison Lucio at (902) 490-3991.