The Halifax Literary Walking Tour

Cambridge Military Library, Royal Artillery Park, 1575 Queen St.

14. Cambridge Military Library

As you head back to Grafton park, notice on your right, in the far corner of the Royal Artillery Park, a diminutive red brick building. You are looking at the Cambridge Military Library, which, in its heyday, was the social and literary centre of military Halifax. The Library opened in 1817, as an alternative to the more notorious choices of city entertainment. It moved to its present location in Royal Artillery Park in 1886 and was renamed Cambridge Military Library in 1902. If you have time, call ahead to tour this wonderful little library complete with fireplace, glass encased bookshelves, leather chairs and an extensive book collection of military history. The library was funded in part from Customs receipts gathered during the War of 1812. It also contains about 6,000 volumes of reading material from the Corfu Garrison Library, a Greek island under military occupation until 1864.

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