7 Small Business Tips From Local Entrepreneurs

If Small Business Month 2018 (October) was any indication, small business in Nova Scotia is booming, under the management of the best and brightest minds.

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Small Business Tips Round-Up

This October, we were fortunate to host events with many of the local leaders below. Here's a round-up of their best tips for small business owners.

1. Canada Business Nova Scotia

“Take advantage of free business resources! The Canada Business Network can help you with everything from market research to government financing possibilities, and much more.”

"Gather as much intelligence as you can to help you make informed business decisions. Let Canada Business help! Call us at 1-888-576-4444.”

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2. Theresa Tipert, Owner, BrightShadow Business Solutions

“My best tip for small business owners or start-ups is to know your strengths and ask for help with everything else.”

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3. David Eisnor, Business Development Manager, Futurpreneur Atlantic and entrepreneur

“Ensure you have adequate cash to start your business. Looking for funding when you are in a cash crunch is difficult and in many cases may be too late.”

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4. Saeed El-Darahali, President & CEO, SimplyCast

“Focus on the customer journey and communicate often with your customers.”

“Ask for feedback from your customers by conducting monthly surveys.”

“Build the most accurate cash flow on a monthly basis to help you manage your business and check your progress.”

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5. Floria Aghdamimehr, Owner, Recognize Your Potential

"Enjoy all that you do. When you enjoy the journey of creating your service or product, you have fun. Enjoy the journey to your success!" 

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6. Anita Kirkbide, Social Media Consultant, and Owner, Twirp Communications Inc.

“Start investigating different ways a chatbot can help your business. Chatbots can serve clients on websites or social media platforms, and they can save both the business owner and the customer time.”

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7. Christy MacDonald, Owner, Clearview Business Services Corp.

“Avoid thinking of your bookkeeping as something that needs to be done to satisfy the CRA. They aren't the CRA's numbers, they are your numbers. And you can learn from your numbers every month, not just once a year.”

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