Ghostly Getups: A Halloween 2022 Round-Up

From our ghoulish crew to you—Happy Halloween!

Trick-or-treat yourself to our annual round-up of Halloween staff photos.

A picture-perfect moment at Alderney Gate Public Library

Ashlee and Nicole at our Musquodoboit Harbour Public Library Halloween Walk

Paper Bag Princess Tre was off to find a dragon

What a way to make a splash—Sheena from Halifax Central Library looked fantastic in her Harbour Hopper-inspired costume

Arrgh! This pirate was raring to sail the seven seas

There's nothing cruel about Bonnie’s creative costume!

Anders the dragon and Keriann the witch were all smiles at Central Library's Howl-oween Party

Here's Josh from Collections Management looking absolutely fetching

Wonderfully witchy

Looks like Frankenstein tagged along for the festivities!

A true business shark in action

Barb clownin' around in the stacks

Daniel looking snazzy in some spidery spectacles

Feelin' totally wicked

Well look at that—it’s the Cat in the Hat!

This Paper Bag Princess from Woodlawn Public Library was ready for anything

 I'm late, I'm late, I'm late! Quin the white rabbit was dressed for a very important date

Witch Halloween holds did you pick up?