At the Magic Library: A Halloween 2019 Round-Up

If anyone knows how to do a Halloween costume, it's Library staff! Check out our annual round-up of Halloween photos.

*Set to the tune of "The Magic School Bus" theme song.

Cruisin' to the Library
You're relaxed and feeling good,

Next thing that you know,
There's a narwhal in your neighbourhood!

Elsa's on safari,

And Owlette's on the fly,

Next thing that you know,
You might get baked into a pie!

(We're looking at you, egg and banana.)

Tweeting on the Twitter,

Visits from the stars,

Take a left at Hogwarts school,

And go right behind the bars.

At the magic Library...

You could find a pup-kin,

Or a friendly ladybug.

You could scare a dragon,

Or ask Pooh Bear for a hug!

At the magic Library...

Babies just get cuter,

And Waldo can be found!

Holds go out like clockwork,

And peace and love abound.

So gather up your friends,

Come on in and don't you mind.

Because when you're at the magic Library,

Everything is fine.

(You will not recall any of this tomorrow.)