Grab Some Extra Daylight at Our Light Therapy Stations

As we say goodbye to daylight savings, we can now expect shorter and colder days. But as it turns out, more daylight isn’t too much to ask for. 

You can (literally) brighten up your day, as Light Therapy lamps are available for you to use at all branches of Halifax Public Libraries. You can also borrow a mini lamp to take home!

Light Therapy is designed to mimic spring and summer light levels, as many people experience seasonal mood changes when fall and winter bring darker, colder days. Although it’s not a cure, 20-30 minutes at a Light Therapy station can help ease the symptoms of the “winter blues” and clinically diagnosed Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

If you’re one of many Nova Scotians needing more rays in your days this winter, you can find your light at the Library.

Borrow some light:

  1. Place a hold in-person or through our catalogue online.
  2. Await your lamp's arrival for pickup, just like a regular hold.
  3. Follow the included instructions!

Use a lamp in-branch:

1. To book time at an in-branch Light Therapy station, visit any Halifax Public Libraries ocation and talk to our staff.

2. You’ll read our Light Therapy Safety Facts and Disclaimer carefully before using a lamp.

3. Once you’re set up, sit back about two feet away from the lamp.

4. Turn on the lamp, but don’t stare directly into the light.

5. Adjust the lamp to suit your position. The lamp should be angled roughly 30 ° from vertical, and your face should be aligned with the approximate centre of the lamp.

6. Read or work in front of the lamp for 20 to 30 minutes, and soak in the rays.

7. Turn off the lamp when you’re done, and tell your friends about the bright experience.

8. Share your feedback with us.

Note: All current Library health and safety protocols must be followed while using lamp.