I Spy…A Library Activity for Kids

Our Children's Services team wants to play a game of I Spy with you! Are you ready?

First up, make some fun, easy binoculars with our craft guide below. Then, scroll down to take part in our I Spy game.

Crafty binoculars

Make A Set of I Spy Binoculars!

Have a couple of toilet paper or paper towel rolls, a pencil or pen, and some tape or glue? Then, you can make these binoculars to help you spy things on your scavenger hunt. Make them as simple or as stylish as you want! (Click to download guide as PDF)

Step 1

Get your stuff! For the binoculars we’ve made, you’ll need: 2 toilet paper rolls, string, yarn or ribbon (optional), tape, glue or an elastic, scissors, hole puncher (if available), 1 medium or large pom-pom or clothespin (if available). Plus, gather items to decorate your binoculars (paper, stickers, crayons, colour pencils or markers, old magazines to cut out—whatever you have around!)

Step 2

If using paper, cut it to the size of the roll, then tape or glue the paper around the roll.

Step 3

Decorate your rolls! Then, if you’ll be adding ribbon or string to wear the binoculars around your neck, use a hole punch or sharp scissors (with adult supervision) to punch a hole in each roll, about 2 centimetres from the top.

Step 4

If using a pom-pom or clothespin to keep the rolls separate (for nose room!), centre it between the rolls with the holes facing away from the centre and use tape or an elastic to secure it. If you don’t have a pom-pom or pin, use tape, glue, or an elastic to hold the rolls together. If you’re going to be using ribbon or string to have the binoculars hang around your neck, make sure the holes are on the outside, not the inside!

Step 5

If you want to be able to wear the binoculars around your neck (adult supervision required for younger children), now’s the time to tie and knot the string or ribbon through the outside holes to create a “strap”.

Step 6

 Have fun looking at the world through your unique set of binoculars! What will YOU spy?!

Spy with your little eye

Now, try to find 20 of the below items (Click to download PDF) in your yard or neighbourhood—you might even see some of these out your window!

Remember to keep physical distance from others.