In The Sunroom: Running with Rotary Cutter


On display from January 19 to March 2, 2019 in the Sunroom at Central Library, Running with Rotary Cutter features handmade quilts by local artist Marilyn Smulders.

A nod to North American quilt making of the past as well as the present, this exhibit shows Marilyn’s direction as a contemporary quilt maker while she indulges in vibrant colours and experiments with patterns. Amish traditions are apparent in some of the pieces with the use of bold, solid coloured fabrics set against a black background. Marilyn’s current direction in quilt making is using screen printing as a showcase for original textile designs.

About the artist

Proud mom of three wonderful kids, Marilyn and her husband Peter live in Bedford, Nova Scotia with their black Labrador, Toulouse, and orange tabby cat, Vincent.

Marilyn is a part-time student at NSCAD University. After 13 years of part-time study, Marilyn will be graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in spring 2019. Marilyn works as the Executive Director of the Writers’ Federation of Nova Scotia.

The Sunroom is made possible by the generosity of Margot and Layne Spafford.