Exciting new building renovations coming to Keshen Goodman

Updated June 22, 2023 to include new information.

Even award-winning libraries need a little TLC as the years go on. Keshen Goodman Public Library has been given the green light to update key areas of public space in and around the facility. 

Here is what you can expect.

More spaces to call your own

You get a new space, and you get a new space. Everyone gets a space.

  • Bookable meeting space for 4 persons
  • Teens enclosed computer space
  • School-aged children area with kid-sized pods
  • Adult-sized pods with open on the sides and dimmable lights
  • Getaway nooks
  • Entry way curve space

Even Library staff will have features to enjoy, such as a new, centrally located service desk with better sight lines. 

More quiet while allowing noise, too

As you know, Libraries are always adapting to meet your changing needs. We know that sometimes you want a quiet space to focus, and sometimes you want freedom to be social. We're giving you both, and doing it in style.

  • Bigger space. Constructing an addition between the building and parking lot for staff workspace frees up more space for community members.
  • Organic-themed, soft elements dampen sound, such as a green lily pad carpet and felt acoustics panels shaped like clouds along the ceiling.
  • Pods to interrupt sound carrying and provide you with a private space for work.

More outdoor space

Keshen Goodman is a well-loved library. One of the most common comments we received was for more. More

  • hammocks
  • bike stands
  • outdoor seating
  • electrical outlets

More accessibility

Design can serve all kinds of needs. The Library wants everyone to feel designed-for.

  • Fully accessible washroom with an adult change table.
  • Way finding signs that are language-friendly.
  • Carpet tile leading to key areas.
  • Adjustable lighting in the adult study pods.

A refresh of well-loved items

Details are important and we're leaving no cushion unturned.

  • Carpet
  • Paint
  • Furniture

In case you're wondering, features you have grown to love will be here, too, such as the reading lounge and PS4 nook.


  • Start time: Late summer/early fall 2022
  • Estimated duration: 1 year and six months
  • Phase 1: Building addition
  • Phase 2: Staff workspace moves into the new addition; move collection materials
  • Phase 3: Transition to limited service format; interior renovations, feature updates, and fixture refresh

Following the completion of each new area or feature, we will be excited to implement a new or improved level of service delivery. External electrical outlets will lead to different kinds of programming, including outdoor performances. Open-concept floor spacing will be more flexible and allow your imaginations to soar. Bookable study spaces will provide opportunities for community to come together to learn and create.

Keep checking for updates. Come by and watch our progress, starting in the fall. We will continue to provide service throughout the renovations—though things may look a bit different.