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July 2012

I See No Faults: A Review of John Greens' Book by Alison, Teen Blogger

Posted on 27-Jul-12 14:13
Now, John Green is not only one of my favourite vloggers but he happens to be in a very close race with J K Rowling for being my all time favourite author. And I am happy to say that his latest book did not disappoint!
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The Grateful Dead by Zachary, Teen Blogger

Posted on 25-Jul-12 14:32

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Beach Reading by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 25-Jul-12 13:52
I know what you're thinking... it's too nice out to stay inside and read! I mean who wants to be stuck inside on such a nice day? Well I have a solution for you!...
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Unusual Summer Job Experiences by Angela, Teen Blogger

Posted on 23-Jul-12 09:02
The summer we’ve longed for is here. Have you ever had a summer job? Babysitting, paper delivery, walking dogs, mowing lawns, and etc... Do you think those jobs are exciting enough? Are you ready to do something that even your friends haven’t heard of? Let’s see what kinds of ideas the teen library books can give us.
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Book Mob-aka Library Flash Mob!

Posted on 18-Jul-12 14:02
You, me, fans of Maurice Sendak, friends of the public library, readers and everyone passing by! On Friday, July 27th, the Spring Garden Public Library will be hosting its first flash mob...Well, we call it a book mob.....
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Family Movie Night by Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 16-Jul-12 09:23
Here are some movies that are appropriate for all ages - so you can watch it with your whole family, younger siblings included....
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Summer Camp Reads by Alison, Teen Blogger

Posted on 11-Jul-12 10:18
In a lot of ways summer camp is a great setting for a fun young adult novel. You have kids exploring their first glimpse of independence, the classic summer flings and s’mores. And let’s face it anything with s’mores is a good thing!
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Alive! On Stage! by Kathleen, Teen Blogger

Posted on 03-Jul-12 15:37
The sun is out, and the characters are coming alive on stage. The theatre community here in Halifax is alive and vibrant this summer, with plays ranging from Alice in Wonderland to Titus Andronicus, and there’s so much to see that you won’t want to miss.
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Summer...What to do? By Talia, Teen Blogger

Posted on 03-Jul-12 15:35
Let's have three cheers because it's summer time!!! Hip hip HOORAY! Hip hip HOORAY! Hip hip HOORAAAY!So it's finally here. The best time of the year. Summer! No school, you can sleep in, stay up late, go swimming at the beach, have bonfires.... the list is endless! So what are your summer plans? If you don't know yet, never fear, I have some awesome ideas all lined up for you!
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