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June 2011

Steampunk, Smartypants and Kissing Covers by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 23-Jun-11 12:05
Ever get steampunked? Ever claim to be a smartypants? Ever caught kissing on a cover? Well, some people have according to these books, anyway...
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Bold, Beastly,Beautiful and Strange by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 23-Jun-11 10:28
Ever wish your life was not quite so boring? Ever wish to go on an adventure or meet different people? Try these book bundles for something strange and exciting.
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Vampires, Cults and Chips

Posted on 22-Jun-11 14:07
Want read-a-likes that are easy to find? Try these titles bundled in bunches of three.
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Superheroes - Redux by Cindy, Staff Blogger

Posted on 09-Jun-11 09:03
Recently, I had a strange, super-powerful urge to go and see two movies, Thor and X-men. Have to say I liked Thor better than X-men. Why? Well....
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