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February 2012

Rocked by Romance, Mammoth Romance & More by Sasha, Teen Blogger

Posted on 24-Feb-12 09:38
OK I know Valentine's Day has passed already but that doesn't mean you shouldn't read these books. Being romantic can happen every day of the year, not just on Valentine's Day. So try to be romantic, not one day a year, but all 365 days of the year. Take a look at these books and maybe you'll get some ideas.
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Best Picture? Better Book! by Helen, Staff Blogger

Posted on 14-Feb-12 15:22

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Song of The Month- by Zach,Teen Blogger

Posted on 06-Feb-12 19:39

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The Inheritance Cycle by Zach, Teen Blogger

Posted on 06-Feb-12 19:31
The Inheritance Cycle, a sequence of magic.....
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Introducing.... Sarah Dessen by Elizabeth, Staff Blogger

Posted on 06-Feb-12 19:01
I follow Sarah Dessen on Twitter. She is my favourite YA author and as stupid as it sounds, it makes me feel like we are friends because I feel I know her from her tweets. Recently she mentioned that she likes to write about nice boys and she commented, “My guy friends weren't perfect, not at all. But good hearts. I was lucky to have them.” A light bulb went on in my head.....
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University - Are You Ready? by Alison, Teen Blogger

Posted on 06-Feb-12 18:53
Graduation, university, and life beyond the walls of high school. We can never be fully prepared but we can try our best to be ready....
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