5 Reasons You’ll Love OverDrive & Libby

OverDrive, opens a new window (and its free app, Libby) is a free service that lets you borrow digital content like e-books, audiobooks, and videos on your device using your Halifax Public Libraries card. You can access

If you assume that many of our staff love to read, you've guessed right. So, we asked some of our staff members: "Why do you love OverDrive?" and they had lots of reasons to love this resource that provides access to almost 40,000 titles. 

The verdict is in. We officially love OverDrive and its app, Libby, and we're sure you will too.

1. OverDrive/Libby allows you to multitask

Listening to audiobooks gives you the double-benefit of soaking in some great reads while you accomplishing tasks from your to-do list.

Staff members say: “I love audiobooks because they allow me to read while I'm doing other tasks, like walking to work, cooking, or cleaning.”

2.  OverDrive/Libby is a great road trip companion

Nothing makes your daily commute or a long road trip better than having the perfect audiobook to keep you company.

Staff members say: “I love having audiobooks for the bus or my walk to work. They’re especially great for long bus rides.”

3. OverDrive/Libby fits in your pocket

Read or listen to e-books and audiobooks on your e-reader, tablet, smart phone, or computer via OverDrive's free Libby app. And as a result, take your books anywhere.

Staff members say: “I listen to audiobooks when I run. I download the audiobooks using Overdrive, and then transfer the MP3 files to a tiny clip-on MP3 player. MP3 players are great for when I run because I find phones can be too big to carry.”

4. OverDrive/Libby can help with learning and languages

If English isn't your first language, read-alongs make reading fun and flexible. OverDrive read-alongs highlight text as the narrator reads out loud, allowing you to practice your pronunciation.

Staff members say: “I’m currently listening to an audiobook, which is fun because I probably wouldn't know how to pronounce all of the words if I was reading it in print.”

5. OverDrive/Libby is accessible

OverDrive can be enjoyed by those with a print disability who struggle to read or hold printed books.

Staff members say: "OverDrive is great for readers with limited eyesight, or eyestrain because you can adjust text size. E-readers, tablets, and phones are also more lightweight and compact than some print books."

Come over to OverDrive!

Are you interested in giving e-books or audiobooks a try, but you're not sure where to start?

Head over to our E-Library, where you can find lots of online resources including e-books and audiobooks.

If you're feeling stuck, there's useful information about how to use OverDrive, opens a new window and compatible devices, opens a new window on their website, too. And, here's our how-to guide for getting started with the Libby app.

Happy e-reading!

Extra help: Watch our how-to tutorial on Niche Academy