A Teenager’s Travel Bucket List

Written by Sally, Teen Volunteer
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I’m sure we all miss the feeling of getting on an airplane early in the morning en route to a special destination. I know that I do! It’s not safe to travel at the moment but hopefully, in the near future, we can all embark on new adventures.

Here is a list of a handful of places that I’d love to visit whenever it is safe to do so again.


Ciao! Buongiorno!

I’ve always wanted to visit Italy for as long as I can remember, my friends and I have been planning a trip since we were in junior high. The food is amazing and the views are beautiful. I can imagine a nice walk in the evening on one of the streets of Venice. I’ve even learned some Italian on duolingo, opens a new window in preparation for the moment that I get to visit this amazing country. 

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Egypt (again)


I’ve already been to Egypt a few times to visit my extended family but I’d jump at the opportunity to go again. I’d love to see my family again and take more pictures in front of the Pyramids, and to experience another ride on a camel. I’d also love to go with my friends someday to show them some of my culture. 



I have spent a good part of this school year truly immersing myself in the french language. I’d love to be able to visit the country one day to utilize my newfound skill. Not to mention the food and the sights like the Eiffel Tower.


Geia sas!

I’m sure many of us have learned a thing or two about Greece in history class. I’ve always loved the architecture, ancient sites and fascinating culture. There are many beautiful places in Greece, like Athens, that I would love to visit. Greece also has close to 6000 islands, so many that I couldn’t see them all in just one trip.



Indonesia has many beautiful beaches and sights that I would love to visit, with Bali being one of the most popular vacation spots. It’s home to beautiful beaches with luxury resorts where you can spend time outside in the beautiful weather. 



Brazil is the largest country in both South America and Latin America. I would love to visit the tropical beaches, waterfalls, and the Amazon Rainforest. Rio de Janeiro is also a place I’d love to visit with “Sugar Loaf” located there, the rounded rock peak rising about 400 metres above the city. Its summit is one of the first places for many tourists to visit because of the beautiful views. The first settlement of the city actually began around this area.  

South Korea


The capital of South Korea, Seoul, seems like an especially wonderful place to visit with amazing sights and delicious food. The National Museum of Korea is located here and encompasses lots of art along with history and archaeology. Another wonderful sight is Seoul Tower, it’s almost 500 metres above sea level and an excellent way to view the city. South Korea also has many delicious dishes that I would love to try. 


Buenas días!

Chile's diverse landscape is home to many natural areas, such as “Torres Del Paine National Park” and “Mylodon Cave Natural Monument”. Both places are popular with nature lovers and seem like the perfect way to explore this part of the country. Chile has no shortage of beautiful cities to visit, like Valparaíso and Santiago. I could easily see myself making multiple trips to Chile in order to see as much as possible. 



There are so many amazing animals in Australia that I’d love to see one day. Kangaroos, koalas, and all the birds just to name a few. Australia has between 200 000 and 300 000 species of animals though only about 10 000 have been described. About 357 of these animals are native to Australia. Visiting Australia also seems like a wonderful way to immerse myself in the climate and to see all of the wildlife. 

South Africa 


There are many breathtaking sights and stunning naturaI environments I would love to visit in South Africa, including a beautiful National Park located around a four hour drive from Johannesburg. I would also love to visit Cape Town which is said to be a “breathtaking” city. There is a mountain there called “Table Mountain” which overlooks the city, providing a magnificent view. Cape Town is multicultural and surrounded by nature.

What's on your bucket list?

My name is Sally and I am 17 years old. This year I will be in grade 11. My hobbies include reading, playing violin, and of course, writing stories. It has become one of my favourite hobbies over the past year.