Episode 12: Crying Lightning

We're a little late sharing this one, but the content still crackles bright as lightning. This month, get in the zone for the Library's upcoming (at the time of recording) Mini-Con; hear about the rise of the Arctic Monkeys; and meet some teen volunteers from Keshen Goodman Public Library—they're sharing thoughts on video games and DC vs. MARVEL.

Episode 12, May 2019

*Audio file no longer exists

Part 1: 5th Annual Mini-Con 

Sam and Lola give you the rundown on everything to expect on the best Saturday of the year: Mini-Con!

Part 2: Can Music Save your Mortal Soul
Arctic Monkeys 

Lola has joined Emma and Rowan on this month’s music segment with her current band obsession, the Arctic Monkeys. These three go deep into the fascinating boom of popularity the band experienced thanks in part to the age of the internet. They also discuss favourite albums, the band's unique sound, and much more.

Part 3: Guest Segment
Youth Volunteers from Keshen Goodman Public Library

First: Faith and Trinity discuss videos games they are into currently and even touch on public perception of video game addiction.

Second: Aryan and Nicholas break down the new Captain Marvel movie, discuss the rivalry between DC and MARVEL, and a little about some upcoming comic movies.