Episode 7: Martin Freeman’s Baby Backpack

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Episode 7, July 2018

*Audio file no longer exists

Let a wailin’, rockin’ guitar pull you into the latest episode of It Came From The Second Floor.

Episode 7: Martin Freeman’s Baby Backpack finds the gang diving deep into their experiences of pop culture.

Part 1: Mini Con Mini Re-cap

The uninitiated get a fans-eye view of the nerdy event of Spring 2018: Central Library's Mini-Con. Emma and Lola deconstruct what happened, who had the best cosplay, and who their dream guests might be.

Part 2: WWLW? (What Would Lola Watch?)

Emma, Lola (and Chris) give their first reactions to a trailer for the survival-horror film Cargo, and discuss the more challenging details of surviving a zombie apocalypse.