Episode 8: Bigger than Rasputin

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Episode 8, October 2018

*Audio file no longer exists

Episode 8: Bigger than Rasputin, will take you on a trip from the Media Studio, to new fortresses, and all the way down to Jamaica and back.

Part 1: A Musical Byte

Listen in as special guest and studio regular, Han, performs a solo piece live from the second floor Media Studio.

Part 2: TF2 vs Overwatch

Feeling the Fortnight fad is a little extra, our resident gamers Terry, Joaquin and Rowan discuss (among other things) the merits of 2 classics of the genre, Overwatch and Team Fortress 2.

Part 3: The Wailing Wailers

Emma, Lillian, and newcomer Maria discuss Bob Marley from head to toe—touching on everything from early band names to the German healthcare system.