Have You Heard?: Reasons to Love Downloadable Audiobooks

Written by Agnes, staff member, Keshen Goodman Public Library

In my opinion, reading is an activity best enjoyed curled up with a "warm cuppa." If curling up is not possible, you want to listen while moving about, or if reading the text presents a challenge for some reason, you may want to consider another way to enjoy your favourite authors: audiobooks!

Things I’ve learned while listening to audiobooks

Narrators create the experience

Skilled narrators can make your listening experience so enjoyable that it's hard to “put the book down.” A funny book will be laugh-out-loud funny in a whole new way. On occasion, I’ve wanted to start to listening again just after finishing, not wanting the story to be over so soon. (Yes, you may feel like a child again!). Some books even feature a full cast of narrators; it's almost like listening to a movie!

You don't need bookmarks.

Conveniently, when you stop listening, the audio will automatically resume from where you left off when you begin again! You can use bookmarks just the same as in a regular e-book, but you may not ever need to place a bookmark.

You can adjust your listening speed.

Maybe you read very quickly? You can listen at normal speed or adjust to faster or slower. I may know someone who has listened to thrillers at 1.25 the speed, or faster, on occasion!

When the book is finished you may have more listening.

Sometimes there are bonus features, such as an interview with the author included, or an author’s personal reflections on writing the book. It's as if you've gotten to have a little chat with the author.

Hands-free and convenient entertainment.

Dishes to be done? Laundry to be folded? You can still enjoy your book! Listening to audiobooks can provide an excellent distraction to brighten up a dull day of chores. A great book can be especially welcome entertainment for family car rides and camping, and a whole new way to enjoy ghost stories while toasting marshmallows. Audiobooks may even become a much-loved walking and commuting companion!

Pronunciation is no longer a question.

Listening is a great way to be sure of the pronunciation of unfamiliar character (or author) names.

A listening list

Here are some of my favourite tried-and-true audiobooks!

The Four Winds, opens a new window

Becoming, opens a new window

Moon of the Crusted Snow, opens a new window

The Dutch House, opens a new window

Olive, Again, opens a new window

The Water Dancer (Oprah's Book Club), opens a new window

The Hate U Give, opens a new window