Hello, Goodbye, and the (Library) Space in Between

Written by Naomi, Lou Duggan Creative Studio Librarian Intern; and Madie, Lou Duggan Science and Tech Intern

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Internship program

Halifax Public Libraries locations provide a space for everyone, and the same is true for the Lou Duggan Creative Studio, the community makerspace located on the 2nd floor of Central Library.

In this space, patrons are welcomed by enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff to help guide them through their creative and digital projects. The Studio offers open drop-in sessions and guided workshops on a variety of topics , which is made possible in part by the funding of two year-long internship positions for new graduates . As we enter the summer months, we have come to a time where we have one intern joining the Library team and another is headed off on new adventures. Read on to hear from our current interns and their experiences working in the Lou Duggan Creative Studio.

Madie: Lou Duggan Science and Tech Intern

When people find out that I am a marine biologist, they always ask “why are you working at a library makerspace?” But, why wouldn’t I want to work here? Every day, I get to plan and host fun programs related to my own interests and hobbies while working in a stunning building with amazing coworkers. I’m also able to share my love of the environment and sustainability with my community to foster collective action to protect our natural spaces. 

One of my favourite aspects of my job is hosting the weekly Full STEAM Ahead children’s program. Each week is a different activity from the worlds of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math, so I get to use my background in science to come up with fun learning experiences. Sometimes, we make colourful flowers using chromatography, sometimes we play coding games, and sometimes we launch Easter eggs across the room! Full STEAM Ahead highlighted the importance of educational programming at the Library, especially during a pandemic where learning opportunities and social interactions were heavily impacted. I am honoured to have been an integral part of this program.

After a year working in the LDCS, my internship is ending and it is time that I move on. I have learned so much about working with the community and providing service through programs, hands-on instruction, or chit-chats with patrons. Working at the library has been an invaluable experience that has helped me grow both professionally and personally, and I plan to take all that I have learned into my next endeavours. Thanks for everything!

Naomi: Lou Duggan Creative Studio Librarian Intern

If you had asked me two months ago where I thought I would be today, I would've told you I'd be at my family home in Ontario preparing for my upcoming graduation. As most recent grads do, I figured I would spend a while looking for a job in my field. I felt destined to spend a while doing work that would have me feeling out of place, underqualified, or undervalued. 

I never could have predicted the whirlwind that this spring was going to be. 

I began work as the Lou Duggan Creative Studio Librarian Intern about a month ago (from the date of this blog posting). This position was made possible by Lou Duggan, who was concerned about the availability of jobs for recent graduates of Library Science programs. This generosity, in combination with the kindness and knowledge of the LDCS team, have created an opportunity for me to learn, grow, and thrive. 

Something I tell people who come to our programs is that the work you create doesn’t have to be perfect. You just have to try. My work before joining the Library team was primarily in theatre and education. In both of those fields, the process is worth more than the end-product. The journey is all about learning something new. It’s being willing to mess things up and sharing your experiences with others. The Lou Duggan Creative Studio encourages people to do that in a unique and wonderful way. 

In such a short time I have moved across the country, started a new job, and had to acclimate to the dramatic one hour time change. I have taken a scary leap out into the unknown. I am so grateful to have been met with nothing but grace, patience, and encouragement to continue on the journey. In the next eleven months, I hope to pass those kindnesses along to anyone who comes into the studio ready to create, explore, and grow. 

Say your hellos and goodbyes

Want to welcome Naomi to the Library? Maybe you want to say goodbye and thank Madie for her awesome work this year? You can regularly find both of them in the Lou Duggan Creative Studio. Drop by to chat with staff, and create something!

Our Creative Studio DIY: Makers Drop-in is a great time to learn what the Studio is all about.

Use this link to see all upcoming programming in the Studio.

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