Hop On in Hubbards: How-to Bicycle Borrow

Sharing is caring, and what better way to show you we care about your enjoyment of nature and healthy routine of physical activity than with bicycles for borrowing.

Gearing up

Starting the summer of 2023, J.D. Shatford Memorial Public Library, opens a new window has nine adult-sized bicycles to borrow for riding in the Hubbards area. Day-trippers and local residents can now go to the Library for enhancing their summer plans with a bike ride. We hope everyone has a chance to take advantage of a slow and active way to enjoy the beauty and trails nearby.

How-to borrow a bicycle

Like many fun adventures at the Library, borrowing is free and all you need is a library card. Step into the branch and over to the Info Desk, and staff will help you get ride-ready.

First gear
Saddle up to the sizing ruler. Find your measurement. Staff will match it to a bike.

Second gear
Check out a bike. Show staff your library card, sign a waiver, and read the terms and conditions, opens a new window.

Third gear
Walk with staff to get your bike out from storage. Included with the bike: Helmet (or you can use your own helmet, if with you); lock and key; bell; and a pouch with safety info.

Gear down and return
Be back no later than 30 min before closing time. Lock the bike to the rack at the side of the building. Return your helmet and bike lock with key to staff.

If there are any issues with the bike, you can let staff know at check-in. We will take care of the issue in time for the next adventure. 

Only available at J.D. Shatford

Like all first-time riders, we have put on training wheels for practice. J.D. Shatford Memorial Public Library is the only location with bikes on site and borrowing options. Riders will appreciate why the area was a natural choice and enjoy all the area has to offer.

Keep on riding

More bicycles are expected to be added to the list in Hubbards, including youth-sized options, as time goes on. We also hope to add more locations, if possible. 

Be safe and enjoy the ride!