Poem: I Am From

A poem by Teen Blogger, Hannah

I am Hannah, a former blogger returned. I wrote this poem a while back, and thought I would share it with you readers so that you would get to know me a bit more and learn where I am from.

I am from Ethiopia the suffering despondency war-torn country
I am from a nation of many, who was always hungry
I am from a loving peculiar father who has sacrificed
Now he eagerly waits out of exasperation for his afterlife

I am from  a childhood of enthusiastically watching long marathons of Ben Ten
I am from unwarily falling in love with Kevin Levin again and again
I am from invariably needing to get perfect marks, in my education
Now I am on a strict diet of procrastination

I am from a energetic brother with a big brain
I am from a ferocious uncle who was addicted to cocaine
I am from a family who is dysfunctional
Now through the rocky waves, we a share bound that is untouchable

I am from loving meat, but loving animals more
I am from my appetite causing an uproar
I am from on a Saturday  probably always at a sumptuous meat buffet
Now I am a malnutritioned vegetarian, a vow I want to betray
I am from  neverending uncertain dreams
I am from thoughts about the future that makes me scream  

I am from my Father telling me, that information is long due
Now we relentlessly bicker because of our different points of view

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