Poem: The Beech Tree Talking To Me

By Teen Blogger, Malk

The Beech Tree Talking To Me

I am someone
that likes to be out in the sun.
While I am out anywhere, a beech tree has branches that ruffle in the air.
Even though people don’t believe me, and they do not hear or see,
the beech tree is always talking to me.
It talks to me about what it saw,
about all the unfair law.
About people of a different race,
And even those who had a different face.
How they weren’t allowed to do what they want
and how easily people were able to taunt.
All because they were different,
although most of them were brilliant.

It told of when the Acadians were banished from their home,
with no actual freedom to roam.
What about the time the British tried to take over Quebec?
So many people had died and everything became a wreck.
Did I tell you about the great fire in Newfoundland in 1892,
Where people died, places got burnt, and nothing could help the very few?
Life was filled with sorrow and people’s hearts were broken and hollow.
People stopped believing in hope, It seemed as though all of it was collected and tied with a rope.
For nothing made sense, and lives became very intense.                                                       

But all of this is in the past,
And thank goodness it didn’t last.
For this would have been like the netherworld
Nothing would have been fair in this world.
But don’t stop listening yet;
Just listen to the rest of my story, and I promise you’ll find glory.
it talked about good things too, and they were very far from few
Life wasn’t that bad, and when it said that I was glad.
It told of the day the first World War was over;
Some thought that a soldier found a four-leafed clover.
Or when they found a cure for the Spanish flu
Not a single person was feeling blue.

Or the time the 1837 rebellion started everyone’s spirits got busted,
but when it ended, everyone’s sadness got dusted.
Aboriginals had this land before other people conquered it;
Now part of the land is in their hands;
Because they fought with words, no weapons, and never quit
So you see, life hasn’t been that bad
Some people were clever and that’s why things haven't been so sad.
But even though it talked about the good and the bad,
I also talked about all the ideas I had;
I talked about the future, but definitely not the past,
it doesn’t really matter what happened to those who were sad
or those who rebelled because they were mad.
Think about the past but not too much; what matters is the future, where the generations will not be sad or such.
When peace and freedom everywhere be found,
there will not be a single gun sound.
Just remember that I didn’t make any of this up,
It’s the thousand year old beech tree that told me all about the past;
The information is as small as a teacup,
But if you listen to it you’ll have a blast!

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